Download your pygment theme css file. Move it to the css folder that contains the main.scss file. In my case this is assets/css. Import it in the main.scss file:

@import url("wwdc.css");

Check if your css selectors begin with the .highlight class.

I live with Psoriasis.
I’ve had it since 2000/2001.

My Enbrel shots were losing efficiency over time and I’ve been invited to take part in a clinical trial from Boehringer Ingelheim.

It’s a blind test, so I’ll be injecting either Humira or BI’s new compound: BI 655066.
BI 655066 is an anti-IL-23 monoclonal biologic antibody.

The trial is taking place for 16 weeks, and is targeted at patients in which treatment with adalimumab resulted in inadequate response.

Treatment started September 19th.
I just want to be clear of skin lesions and feel no pain on my hands, scalp, feet, legs :(

Why again, you ask?

Because I’ve already taken part of a clinical trial for AMGEN, for a phase III testing of brodalumab. That was an amazing experience. No big complications, no side effects (that I know of). Went from the worst I’ve been regarding Psoriasis to clean in a few weeks, remained clean for the duration of the trial.

Apparently Amgen backed off the trial and the drug itself because of reported, and I quote, “events of suicidal ideation and behavior”.

AstraZeneca and Valeant Pharmaceuticals are now in charge of the drug.

PS: A big thank you to the Portuguese Health System because i wouldn’t be able to afford Enbrel for the life of me…

Having some hosts running at home I find it hard to keep my domain up to date on the IP changes from my ISP.

Enter Cloudflare.

Did you know… you can set your DNS records to be provided by Cloudflare, and then you can update cloudflare via ddclient.

Take these steps on cloudflare:

  1. Create A record with name ‘dynamic’ and value ‘’ (your current IP here)
  2. Create CNAME record name ‘’, value ‘’

I’m using DNS-O-Matic to update Cloudflare. This way i can change Dyn DNS provider to a couple dozen providers, in the blink of an eye. I can even update multiple providers at once.

The settings for ddclient are as follows.


## DNS-O-Matic account-configuration
use=web,,      \
protocol=dyndns2,                  \
login=dnsomaticusername,           \

Add a service on DNS-O-Matic for cloudflare: Email: your user account email
API Token: get it at Cloudflare’s my account
Hostname: dynamic

That’s it. You will now enjoy a caching mechanism (cloudflare) and free DNS updates.

As I’ve written in the past, recently I’ve asked my employer for better input peripherals. Those include a new mouse, and a mechanical keyboard.

The WASD TKL keyboard, ISO layout, set me back 95Eur. With shipping and customs, I could have bought 2. The keycaps are from MAX Keyboard. The total was cheaper than buying the complete kit from WASD, and the caps are the same material (ABS, nothing to write home about).

Ordered a, IMHO, beautiful keycap set, orange and black.
Black for alphanumeric and function keys, orange for modifiers.
Modifiers have centered icons instead of text.

alt text

Fitting the keycaps took some time, but as something I had never done, I was looking forward to it. WASD ships some lube with the keyboard. I applied it to the costar mounts and to the clips.

Since I use a Mac at work, I just flipped the 1st DIP switch to enable CMD / ALT to be swapped, and thats it.

Ended up ordering the Cherry MX Blue switches, and don’t regret it a single bit. I think I have to get/build a mech to have at home now, ‘cause typing on the Macbook’s keyboard feels mushy.

I understand how blue switches could be a little too much to type on at home, wife would freak out. Still intend to build a grid layout keyboard, like the Planck or the Terminus mini 2.

Pain in my right wrist and arm has led me on a demand to find better input peripherals, at least at work.

So far I’ve been using an apple wireless keyboard (not the latest model) and an apple magic mouse.


Apple Magic Mouse | Photo:

I have to live with psoriasis, and lose lots of skin on my hands, so my mice always break the scroll wheel. The magic mouse is a life saver, because of it’s glassy surface, and no physical wheel. It always glides, it always works 100%. BUT the magic mouse is very low profile. 2cm low. You also can’t rest your palm on it, or it won’t work properly. So I have to arch my wrist and palm continuously to use the mouse. That is taking it’s toll on my body.

I’ve since replaced the mouse with a Logitech MX Master.

Logitech MX Master | Photo:

It’s bigger and meaner that’s for sure. Let’s see how well the scroll wheel handles me ;)


Rubber dome, low-profile, chiclet style keyboards be gone! I’m on the market for a TKL (Ten-key-less: has no numpad) keyboard for work. Since I’m portuguese, I’m looking for an ISO PT layout. Best solution so far: WASD Keyboards.

On the list so far:

  • Mech keyboard
  • Cherry MX Blue switches
  • ISO layout
  • PT variant

I’m also in love with the planck keyboards, and want to buy/build one for use at home. I hope to have news in the near future!

Tip: DON’T browse r/mechanicalkeyboards or you might get hooked!